Organic Certified Pleated Queen Size Sheet Set

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We know - you can pay $225 - $250 for a queen size sheet set; but you shouldn't have to.  

We believe - you should only have to pay a fair honest price.

We are on a quest, seeking the best quality sheets - in the world - at a fair honest price.  We are putting some of the best quality products to the test - but need your help!

We also believe the following.

We believe - designer sheets should represent the quality of the product, not the price.

We believe - the Organic Certification of cotton should be a requirement, not a premium you as a consumer should have to pay an additional 17% premium.

We believe - Fair Trade Certification ensures the proper quality of life for every single person that's in our sustainable supply chain; not a marketing gimmick.

We believe - Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification ensure an ecological and socially responsible product production.