Monthly Honest Presence Advertising Network (31 Days From Start Date)

Monthly Honest Presence Advertising Network (31 Days From Start Date)

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We're engineering the review platform of the future.  If you enroll in our Beta Program you will be grandfathered into our beta pricing at just $997 per month.  

Once you've enrolled in our program your ads will go live within 24 hours.    We're offering 31 days of advertising across the Honest Network.  It takes roughly 24 hours for full deployment in this Beta Program.  So, your 31 days starts 1 day after you subscribe.  If you have any questions please feel free to email 

We believe consumers deserve a platform to discover, connect and develop meaningful relationships with brands.
We believe all brands should be able to compete equally.  So our pricing is a simple, flat-rate.  No price hikes during peak times/holidays.  No surcharges on cost per clicks.  One fair price for everyone.

Note - our beta program is our stress test second phase of software testing in which real ads are deployed across our website / network.  We guarantee 99.9% advertising uptime.  We ensure your adsets will be deployed on our network.  We do not promise or guarantee any specific impressions, clicks or conversions.  Our network is binary - either you're presence is on or off.

Note - any brand that elects to advertise across the honest network will not, nor will ever, receive preferential treatment in the form of ratings, reviews, promotion.  As some companies have the ability to outspent others on google's adwords network, this is our solution to creating an equal opportunity.
Note - should you cancel your month to month advertising in the future your beta program grandfather clause is void.